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About Our Program

Research and Graduate Studies in the Neurosciences

The Program in Neuroscience is an independent research and graduate training program at Florida State University, which is a Carnegie Research I university. The Program includes faculty from the departments of Biological Science, Biomedical Science, Mathematics, and Psychology. Its objective is to promote interdisciplinary basic research into neural processes, including the biological mechanisms underlying behavior, and to provide advanced graduate training leading to the Ph.D. degree in Neuroscience. The program maintains specialized research support services and personnel, and provides special courses and symposia on contemporary neuroscience issues. Each semester the program brings to Florida State prominent neuroscientists who give colloquia and hold informal discussions with graduate students and faculty.

Neuroscience, the study of brain and nervous system function, encompasses many of the unanswered questions about the nature of humans and other species. It stakes out a territory along the frontier of human knowledge where research can make a real difference to understanding. Traditionally, the primary emphasis of the FSU program has been on sensory processes. This focus is now supplemented by research and instruction in the biophysics and electrophysiology of excitable cells, neurotransmitter and hormone action, neural development and plasticity, circadian rhythms, feeding and regulatory processes, and the genetic bases of neurobiology and behavior. Broad interdisciplinary training is emphasized in the early years so that students develop skills in approaching research problems with multiple levels of analysis, from molecular to behavioral.

More information for current and prospective graduate students attending Florida State University please check out the Office of Graduate Studies. This office provides information on funding opportunities, news and events, electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) guidelines, degree programs and certificate programs, fee waivers, as well as links to staff contact information, a searchable scholarship database, important forms for students


The Neuroscience Program at Florida State University had its beginnings about 40 years ago as a spontaneous assembly of biologists and psychologists sharing common interests in sensory processes. Over subsequent years this group grew steadily in size and diversity of research interests, and the training program became more formalized. Development of the program, initially called Psychobiology, was accelerated by Research Center and Training Grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health and by a Science Development Grant from the National Science Foundation. Today, support for facilities, staff and programs initiated under these grants is continued by the state of Florida. In 1991, the Florida Board of Regents approved a new Ph.D. Degree in Neuroscience at Florida State University, and the first degree was granted in that year. Since the earliest years, our many graduates and post-doctoral fellows have been highly successful in academic, research and industrial careers.