Florida State University

Li Sun

Postdoctoral Associate
Biomedical Sciences


Recent Publications
Marzano M, Bejoy J, Cheerathodi MR, Sun L, York SB, Zhao J, Kanekiyo T, Bu G, Meckes DG Jr, Li Y (2019). Differential Effects of Extracellular Vesicles of Lineage-Specific Human Pluripotent Stem Cells on the Cellular Behaviors of Isogenic Cortical Spheroids. Cells, . PubMed
Zhou T, Zheng Y, Sun L, Badea SR, Jin Y, Liu Y, Rolfe AJ, Sun H, Wang X, Cheng Z, Huang Z, Zhao N, Sun X, Li J, Fan J, Lee C, Megraw TL, Wu W, Wang G, Ren Y (2019). Microvascular endothelial cells engulf myelin debris and promote macrophage recruitment and fibrosis after neural injury. Nat Neurosci, 421-435. PubMed
Hurwitz SN, Sun L, Cole KY, Ford CR 3rd, Olcese JM, Meckes DG Jr (2018). An optimized method for enrichment of whole brain-derived extracellular vesicles reveals insight into neurodegenerative processes in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. J Neurosci Methods, 210-220. PubMed
Sun L, Meckes DG Jr (2018). Methodological Approaches to Study Extracellular Vesicle miRNAs in Epstein Barr Virus-Associated Cancers. Int J Mol Sci, . PubMed
Cheng Z, Bosco DB, Sun L, Chen X, Xu Y, Tai W, Didier R, Li J, Fan J, He X, Ren Y (2017). Neural Stem Cell-Conditioned Medium Suppresses Inflammation and Promotes Spinal Cord Injury Recovery. Cell Transplant, 469-482. PubMed
Z Wang, J Xia, PT Hoang, L Sun, S Luo, Z Cheng, Y Ren, T Liu, J Guan (2017). Fabrication of carbon nanotube-laden microdevices for Raman labeling of macrophages. Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, .
Xia J, Wang Z, Yan Y, Cheng Z, Sun L, Li Y, Ren Y, Guan J (2016). Catalase-Laden Microdevices for Cell-Mediated Enzyme Delivery. Langmuir, 13386-13393. PubMed
Wang X, Cao K, Sun X, Chen Y, Duan Z, Sun L, Guo L, Bai P, Sun D, Fan J, He X, Young W, Ren Y (2015). Macrophages in spinal cord injury: phenotypic and functional change from exposure to myelin debris. Glia, 635-651. PubMed

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Faculty Advisor

Yi Ren, Biomedical Sciences

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