Florida State University

Patience Moseley

Graduate Student


My current research interests center around photoreceptor development, degeneration, and regeneration. I recently completed my Master’s of Science, where I studied photoreceptor development in a novel fish model — the marine pinfish (Lagoon rhomboides). My thesis work led and my passion for teaching a research led me to pursue my PhD here at FSU where I will continue to study photoreceptor development in fish in Jim Fadool’s lab.
Recent Publications
Taylor, S. M., Giuffre, E., Moseley, P., & Hitchcock, P. F. (2018). The MicroRNA, miR‐18a, regulates NeuroD and photoreceptor differentiation in the retina of zebrafish. Developmental Neurobiology. Developmental Neurobiology, 202-219. PubMed

Faculty Advisor

Diana Williams, Psychology

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