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Dr. Yuan Wang

Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences & Neuroscience
Biomedical Sciences


We investigate the formation, dynamics, and pathology of the binaural circuit in the auditory brainstem. This circuit encodes acoustic information essential for sound and speech recognition in noisy environments, a common target across neurological disorders. We focus on the roles of the fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP), which is responsible for the fragile X syndrome.
Current Research
We have four current research lines: 1) FMRP functional characterization in neuronal and circuit development in chickens using genetic manipulations; 2) FMRP function in neuronal dynamics regulated by excitatory input from the ears in mice and chickens; 3) Development of a transgenic gerbil model of fragile X syndrome for behavior studies; 4) Anatomical and biochemical studies of postmortem human brain tissues from individuals with autism and other neurological disorders.
Recent Publications
Yu X, Wang X, Sakano H, Zorio DAR, Wang Y (2021). Dynamics of the fragile X mental retardation protein correlates with cellular and synaptic properties in primary auditory neurons following afferent deprivation. J Comp Neurol, 529(3):481-500. PubMed
Peng K, Wang X, Wang Y, Li D, Huang H, Lu Y (2020). Mechanisms Underlying Enhancement of Spontaneous Glutamate Release by Group I mGluRs at a Central Auditory Synapse. J Neurosci, 40(37):7027-7042. PubMed
Wang X, Kohl A, Yu X, Zorio DAR, Klar A, Sela-Donenfeld D, Wang Y (2020). Temporal-specific roles of fragile X mental retardation protein in the development of the hindbrain auditory circuit. Development, 147(21):dev188797. PubMed
Ma H, Yan D, Wang Y, Shi W, Liu T, Zhao C, Huo S, Duan J, Tao J, Zhai M, Luo P, Guo J, Tian L, Mageta L, Jou D, Zhang C, Li C, Lin J, Lv J, Li S, Lin L (2019). Bazedoxifene exhibits growth suppressive activity by targeting interleukin-6/glycoprotein 130/signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma. Cancer Sci, 110(3):950-961. PubMed
Zorio DAR, Monsma S, Sanes DH, Golding NL, Rubel EW, Wang Y (2019). De novo sequencing and initial annotation of the Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) genome. Genomics, 111(3):441-449. PubMed
Hong H, Lu T, Wang X, Wang Y, Sanchez JT (2018). Resurgent sodium current promotes action potential firing in the avian auditory brainstem. J Physiol, 596(3):423-443. PubMed
Hong H, Wang X, Lu T, Zorio DAR, Wang Y, Sanchez JT (2018). Diverse Intrinsic Properties Shape Functional Phenotype of Low-Frequency Neurons in the Auditory Brainstem. Front Cell Neurosci, 12:175. PubMed
Wang X, Zorio DAR, Schecterson L, Lu Y, Wang Y (2018). Postsynaptic FMRP Regulates Synaptogenesis In Vivo in the Developing Cochlear Nucleus. J Neurosci, 38(29):6445-6460. PubMed
Sakano H, Zorio DAR, Wang X, Ting YS, Noble WS, MarCoss MJ, Rubel EW, Wang Y (2017). Proteomic analyses of nucleus laminaris identified candidate targets of the fragile X mental retardation protein. J Comp Neurol, 525(15):3341-3359. PubMed
Wang X, Hong H, Brown DH, Sanchez JT, Wang Y (2017). Distinct Neural Properties in the Low-Frequency Region of the Chicken Cochlear Nucleus Magnocellularis. eNeuro, 4(2):ENEURO.0016-17.2017. PubMed
Wang Y, Zorio DAR, Karten HJ (2017). Heterogeneous organization and connectivity of the chicken auditory thalamus (Gallus gallus). J Comp Neurol, 525(14):3044-3071. PubMed
Weatherstone JH, Kopp-Scheinpflug C, Pilati N, Wang Y, Forsythe ID, Rubel EW, Tempel BL (2017). Maintenance of neuronal size gradient in MNTB requires sound-evoked activity. J Neurophysiol, 117(2):756-766. PubMed
Zorio DA, Jackson CM, Liu Y, Rubel EW, Wang Y (2017). Cellular distribution of the fragile X mental retardation protein in the mouse brain. J Comp Neurol, 525(4):818-849. PubMed

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