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Dr. Tehila Nugiel

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
PDB B429


The brain basis of learning and attention challenges in youth. We use cognitive neuroscience tools to investigate brain function in children with common developmental difficulties. We work with many different young people including youth with learning difficulties and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Our research leverages a multimodal approach combining across fMRI and network science, as well as across clinical, neuropsychological, and behavioral methods.
Current Research
Some current lines of work in the lab include: Examining variability in brain networks underlying learning and attention in youth; Understanding the role of cognitive control in developmental difficulties; Using the brain to understand response to treatments such as educational interventions or pharmacological treatments; Parsing heterogeneity in the neurocognitive profiles of developmental challenges.
Recent Publications
Demeter, D.V., Gordon, E.M., Nugiel, T., Garza, A.C., Larguinho, T., & Church, J.A (2023). Resting-state cortical hubs in youth organize into four categories. Cell Reports, 42 (5).
Nugiel, T., Mitchell, M.E., Demeter, D.V., Garza, A.C., Miciak, J. Cirino, P.T., Hernandez, A.E., Juranek, J., & Church, J.A (2023). Brain engagement during a cognitive flexibility task relates to academic performance in English Learners. Mind, Brain, & Education, 17 (2), 149-160.
Henry, T.R., Fogelman, N.D., Nugiel, T., & Cohen, J.R (2022). Effect of methylphenidate on functional controllability: A Preliminary Study in Medication-Naïve Children with ADHD. Translational Psychiatry, 12 (1), 518.
Nugiel, T., Roe, M. A., Engelhardt, L. E., Mitchell, M. E., Zheng, A., & Church, J. A (2020). Pediatric ADHD symptom burden relates to distinct neural activity across executive function domains. NeuroImage: Clinical, 28, 102394.
Nugiel, T., Roe, M. A., Taylor, W. P., Cirino, P. T., Vaughn, S. R., Fletcher, J. M., ... & Church, J. A (2019). Brain activity in struggling readers before intervention relates to future reading gains. Cortex, 111, 286-302.
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