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Dr. James Olcese

Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience & Molecular Biophysics
Biomedical Sciences
MSR 2300E


The Olcese lab investigates the role of cellular circadian clocks and hormonal outputs of the central circadian clock on neurological and physiological events, including sleep, cognitive performance (learning and memory), and the timing of human labor. In particular, we study the role of sleep and the brain hormone melatonin on cognitive changes that accompany aging, especially in the context of Alzheimer’s dementia. In addition, we are running clinical trials on the impact of blue light exposure on uterine contractions during late pregnancy with the goal of developing a novel medical device to reduce the risk of preterm labor.
Current Research
Our studies include experiments on the effects of melatonin on neuronal cells in culture as well as effects of melatonin on the development of Alzheimer-related neuropathology in transgenic mice at both the molecular and behavioral levels. Our studies in reproductive biology involve both molecular/cellular analyses of human myometrial smooth muscle cells in culture as well as trials with pregnant human volunteers.
Recent Publications
Cone AS, Yuan X, Sun L, Duke LC, Vreones MP, Carrier AN, Kenyon SM, Carver SR, Benthem SD, Stimmell AC, Moseley SC, Hike D, Grant SC, Wilber AA, Olcese JM, Meckes DG Jr (2021). Mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles ameliorate Alzheimer's disease-like phenotypes in a preclinical mouse model. Theranostics, 11(17):8129-8142. PubMed
Goldman RD, Bongiorno PB, Olcese JM, Witt-Enderby PA, Shatkin JP (2021). Myths and Evidence Regarding Melatonin Supplementation for Occasional Sleeplessness in the Pediatric Population. Pediatric annals, e391-e395. PubMed
Olcese JM (2020). Melatonin and Female Reproduction: An Expanding Universe. Front Endocrinol, 11:85. PubMed
Hurwitz SN, Olcese JM, Meckes DG Jr (2019). Extraction of Extracellular Vesicles from Whole Tissue. J Vis Exp, (144):10.3791/59143. PubMed
Rahman SA, Bibbo C, Olcese J, Czeisler CA, Robinson JN, Klerman EB (2019). Relationship between endogenous melatonin concentrations and uterine contractions in late third trimester of human pregnancy. J Pineal Res, 12566. PubMed
Hurwitz SN, Sun L, Cole KY, Ford CR 3rd, Olcese JM, Meckes DG Jr (2018). An optimized method for enrichment of whole brain-derived extracellular vesicles reveals insight into neurodegenerative processes in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. J Neurosci Methods, 210-220. PubMed

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