Florida State University

Dr. Thomas Houpt

Professor of Biological Science & Neuroscience
Biological Science
KIN 3010


Molecular neurobiology of conditioned taste aversion and ingestive behavior.
Current Research
The taste and smell of food can evoke strong memories. The strength and importance of food-learning makes it a good system to explore the behavior, neurology, and molecular biology of learning and memory. I use a simple but robust model of learning: conditioned taste aversion, in which rats learn to reject a palatable solution after it is paired with a toxin (LiCl). Behavioral studies are combined with brain lesions, neuroanatomical imaging, and single-cell RNA amplification to study the patterns of gene expression underlying long-term changes in the rat's ingestive behavior.
Recent Publications
Kimbrough A, Houpt TA (2019). Forty-eight hour conditioning produces a robust long lasting flavor preference in rats. Appetite, 159-163. PubMed

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