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Dr. Caterina Gratton

Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
PDB B429


At every waking moment the human brain absorbs information, selectively filters it, and integrates it into perceptions and memories to achieve goals. These processes rely on the unique functions of individual regions of the brain, as well as on coordinated activity across regions organized into large-scale networks. How these multi-scale processes are coordinated remains an enigma. My lab studies how human brain networks are organized and how they contribute to the multitude of goal-directed behaviors humans can complete. Furthermore, we examine how these processes break down with damage and disease.
Current Research
Our current research focuses on two interrelated lines of research on (1) specialization of large-scale networks for goal-directed behaviors and (2) variation of large-scale network organization across people and over time. The team uses a broad methodological toolkit including fMRI, cognitive tasks, and TMS, focusing on deep “precision” measures to precisely-phenotype brain and behavior in individual people. Recently funded projects in the lab are aimed at investigating the relationship between individual differences in brain networks and goal-directed functions in young adults and in older adults, and in investigating the role of network hubs in different task contexts.
Recent Publications
Gratton C, Nelson S. M., Gordon E. M (2022). Brain-behavior correlations: two paths toward reliability. Neuron, 110 (9), 1446-1449.
Ladwig Z., Seitzman B.A., Adeyemo B., Yu Y., Smith D., Petersen S.E., Gratton C (2022). BOLD cofluctuation ‘events’ are predicted from static functional connectivity. Neuroimage, (in press).
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Gratton C, Koller JM, Shannon W, Greene DJ, Snyder AZ, Petersen SE, Perlmutter JS, Campbell MC. (2018). Emergent functional network effects in Parkinson disease. Cerebral Cortex, 6, 2509-2523. PubMed
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Gratton C, Sun H, Petersen SE. (2018). Control networks and hubs (Invited Review). Psychophysiology, 55 (3), e13032. PubMed

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