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Brain Fair 2016

An event for kids of all ages to learn how their brains work.

The Neuroscience Program at Florida State University is excited to announce the fifth annual Brain Fair. Come discover the hidden treasures buried deep in the mines of your brain with a "Mind" Craft adventure.

The Brain Fair offers something remarkable for all ages. Come build your own neuron, watch the neurons within you fire, witness your senses in action, observe real brains, and discover many more phenomenon you didn't even know existed! As an added bonus to your journey, you'll also learn about which animals have "super senses" that help them thrive and survive. Take heed, this journey is for the adventurous scientist within you!

Come join us for the Brain Fair Saturday, April 9th, from 1-5pm at the FSU Psychology Building (1107 W Call St).

Believe us when we say, you won't want to miss this expedition!

For more information about the Brain Fair, please contact Manal Tabbaa