Dr. Carlos A. Bolaños

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Florida State University
Department of Psychology
1107 W. Call Street
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4301
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Northeastern University

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Graduate Students
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  Jacob  Brewer Jacob Brewer
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  Eric  Parise Eric Parise
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  Omar  Sial Omar Sial

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Dr. Carlos A. Bolaños

Associate Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience

Research Interest

  • Developmental Psychobiology
  • Animal Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  • Neuropsychopharmacology
  • Signal Transduction

Current Research

Our research focuses on studying how exposure to antidepressants, stimulants, and other psychotropic drugs, as well as physical and emotional stress, leads to neurobiological adaptations of brain pathways involved in regulating reward, mood, and motivation in developmentally immature and adult animal models. We use a multilevel approach that involves behavioral, biochemical, and psychopharmacological analyses. In addition, we use in vivo gene transfer, using viral vectors, to regulate the expression of specific genes in discrete brain regions. The overall goal is to better understand ways in which the developing and adult brain responds to environmental, pharmacological and genetic manipulations resulting in pathological conditions.

Selected Recent Publications

Parise EM, Bolaños CA. Chronic Social Defeat and Intracranial Self-Stimulation: Unmasking the Many Faces of Depression?. Biol Psychiatry. 76(7): 513-514. (2014)
Iñiguez SD, Alcantara LF, Warren BL, Riggs LM, Parise EM, Vialou V, Wright KN, Dayrit G, Nieto SJ, Wilkinson MB, Lobo MK, Neve RL, Nestler EJ, Bolaños CA. Fluoxetine exposure during adolescence alters responses to aversive stimuli in adulthood.. J Neurosci. 34(3): 1007-1021. (2014)
Warren BL, Sial OK, Alcantara LF, Greenwood MA, Brewer JS, Rozofsky JP, Parise EM Bolaños CA. Altered gene expression and spine density in nucleus accumbens of adolescent and adult male mice exposed to emotional and physical stress.. Dev Neurosci.. 36(3-4): 250-260. (2014)
Alcantara LF, Warren BL, Parise EM, Iñiguez SD, Bolaños CA. Effects of psychotropic drugs on second messenger signaling and preference for nicotine in juvenile male mice.. Psychopharmacology. 231(8): 1479-1492. (2014)
Parise EM, Alcantara LF, Warren BL, Wright KN, Hadad R, Sial OK, Kroeck KG, Iñiguez SD, Bolaños CA. Repeated ketamine exposure induces an enduring resilient phenotype in adolescent and adult rats.. Biol Psychiatry. 74(10): 750-759. (2013)
Iñiguez SD, Charntikov S, Baella SA, Herbert MS, Bolaños-Guzmán CA, Crawford CA. Post-training cocaine exposure facilitates spatial memory consolidation in C57BL/6 mice. Hippocampus. in press. (2011)
Warren BL†, Iñiguez SD†, Alcantara LF, Wright KN, Parise EM, Weakley SK, Bolaños-Guzmán CA. Juvenile administration of concomitant methylphenidate and fluoxetine alters behavioral reactivity to reward- and mood-related stimuli and disrupts ventral tegmental area gene expression in adulthood. J Neurosci. 31(28): 10347-10358. (2011) [†Authors contributed equally to this work]
Iñiguez SD, Warren BL, Bolaños-Guzmán CA. Short- and Long-term Functional Consequences of Fluoxetine Exposure During Adolescence in Male rats. Biol Psychiatry. 67(11):1057-1066. (2010)
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Laplant Q, Vialou V, Covington HE 3rd, Dumitriu D, Feng J, Warren BL, Maze I, Dietz DM, Watts EL, Iñiguez SD, Koo JW, Mouzon E, Renthal W, Hollis F, Wang H, Noonan MA, Ren Y, Eisch AJ, Bolaños CA, Kabbaj M, Xiao G, Neve RL, Hurd YL, Oosting RS, Fan G, Morrison JH, Nestler EJ. Dnmt3a regulates emotional behavior and spine plasticity in the nucleus accumbens. Nat Neurosci. 13(9), 1137-1143. (2010). (2010)
Russo SJ, Wilkinson MB, Mazei-Robison MS, Dietz DM, Maze I, Krishnan V, Renthal W, Graham A, Birnbaum SG, Green TA, Robison B, Lesselyong A, Perrotti LI, Bolaños CA, Kumar A, Clark MS, Neumaier JF, Bhakar AL, Barker PA, Nestler EJ. Nuclear factor kappa B signaling regulates neuronal morphology and cocaine reward. J Neurosci. 29(11):3529-37. (2009)
Wallace DL, Han MH, Graham DL, Green TA, Vialou V, Iñiguez SD, Cao JL, Kirk A, Chakravarty S, Kumar A, Krishnan V, Neve RL, Cooper DC, Bolaños CA, Barrot M, McClung CA, Nestler EJ. CREB regulation of nucleus accumbens excitability mediates social isolation-induced behavioral deficits. Nat Neurosci. 12(2):200-9. (2009)
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Alcantara LF, Iñiguez SD, Warren BL, Wright KN, Bolaños-Guzmán CA. Adolescent Administration of Combined Methylphenidate and Fluoxetine Treatment Results in a Long-lasting Alteration of Gene Expression within the Ventral Tegmental Area of C57BL/6 Mice. [In Preperation]