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Energy Balance and Metabolism

The eating habits of Americans have been much maligned as reflected by the high incidence of obesity on one end of the spectrum and the prominence of eating disorders on the other. Energy balance and metabolism is an intriguing sub-discipline within neuroscience that explores the neurobiological secrets underlying why people under-eat or over-eat, and why some people respond to exercise better than others.

Dr. Robert J. Contreras Dr. Robert J. Contreras
B439 PDB
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Dr. Lisa A. Eckel Dr. Lisa A. Eckel
B339 PDB
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Dr. Debra A. Fadool Dr. Debra A. Fadool
3008 KIN
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Dr. Thomas A. Houpt Dr. Thomas A. Houpt
3010 KIN
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Dr. Michael  Overton Dr. Michael Overton
3350E MSR
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Dr. Alan C. Spector Dr. Alan C. Spector
B334 PDB
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Dr. Diana  Williams Dr. Diana Williams
B330 PDB
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